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Community Weekend 2024



Everything about the lungs explained

Three days of learning about the horse’s respiratory system & breathing with 7 different experts in this field

Everything about the respiratory system & breathing

The theme of this year’s Community Weekend is so important!


The horse’s entire respiratory system is built to move and filter the air coming in. If any part of this system is not functioning properly it can have a major impact on the horse’s performance and fitness. As a result, the horse may suffer from common respiratory problems, but less visible problems may also occur.


The topic of respiration is still fairly underexplored and therefore it is so important to get a better picture of how your horse’s lungs function, which disorders may affect their function and how you can take this into account in your training and management.


A better understanding of the horse in this area will help you in everything you do with them. In short, you don’t want to miss this!😁

  • Community Weekend on the equine respiratory system
  • 7 online lectures
  • Including e-course
  • Learn from 7 different experts
  • 1, 2 & 3 March, 2024
  • Location: Online
  • Language: English
  • Replays accessible for six months

Conditioning your horse... Train harder or not?

Does this sound familiar to you? Your horse seems to be in poor shape. So you ramp up your training a bit to improve his stamina. You start training him more intensively and hope to be able to perform better together over time.


But have you ever considered that “poor” fitness might also be due to other things than just the extent of your training? Your horse could have abnormal lung function without you knowing it.


Some horses I have dissected had severe lung damage without their owners knowing it. Time and again, during our dissections we find just how important it is to start connecting the images and stories of the horse during their lifetime with what we find during the dissections.

You can join all the webinars in this community weekend for €99.95!


Don’t miss it!

The lungs: in essence

The respiratory system is connected to all other systems of the equine body. Without healthy, regular breathing, the horse is unable to perform optimally.


You’ll get a better idea of the physiology; how do lungs form? How does a breath work? How big are the lungs when they are inflated? And so on. But also about the disorders, or to give the collective name for lung problems; ‘asthma’. How can you tell if your horse has asthma, how do you take it into account and how can you prevent it?


Like every community weekend, we will look at this topic from different angles and experts from this field will join to share their knowledge with you.

Who is this Community Weekend for?

→ Any horse lover who wants to better understand the effect of breathing & your horse’s fitness

→ Trainers, bodyworkers, instructors or other equine professionals who want to look at the respiratory system from the inside out

→ Owners of horses with lung conditions

→ Horse lovers who want to keep their horse’s lungs as healthy as possible through knowledge of management factors

→ Riders who want to make their training more effective through knowledge of respiration & conditioning training


🎓 Zefanja Vermeulen – The lungs from the inside out

🎓 Thirza Hendriks – Asthma, the collective term for various lung diseases

🎓 Emma Loftus – The lung; from embryo to adult

🎓 Drs. Marco de Bruijn – Training & fitness – a well-functioning lung is the basis for good training

🎓 Cindy Oerlemans – Salt therapy for horses that have respiratory problems


We will announce the rest of the programme soon! Keep following us to stay up to date!



Zefanja Vermeulen

Zefanja is the founder of Equinestudies, a knowledge institute focusing on the theme “the horse from the inside out”. Through numerous dissections and development of skeletal preparations, she has accumulated unique knowledge and imagery of the equine body. She is known to a wide audience as “The Dutch Bone Lady”. Zefanja will be there on all days and will share knowledge based on her years of experience performing dissections.


Thirza Hendriks

Thirza Hendriks is the founder of Functional Horse Training, an internationally oriented company whose mission is to optimize or restore the horse’s movement functionality. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Equine & Veterinary Science.


Emma Loftus

Emma is a registered and qualified craniosacral therapist based in Australia. Around 2010, Emma began looking for a way to reduce the tension she was seeing in racehorses. That’s how she came across craniosacral therapy. Now she has a busy mobile equine and human practice. Emma is currently continuing her studies in Iridology and Horse Human Trauma Recovery.


Drs. Marco de Bruijn

Marco de Bruijn graduated in veterinary medicine from the University of Ghent, Belgium, in 1997. His veterinary interests include respiratory, cardiac and abdominal problems. He is also a licensed dental hygienist and performs many tooth extractions and sinus surgeries. He is currently employed at the Horse Clinic Wolvega.


Cindy Oerlemans

Cindy is the founder of the company “Salineras.” She offers salt therapy for horses who have respiratory problems, allergies or skin irritations. Halotherapy comes from the Greek word for salt “Halo” and uses the natural properties of salt to cleanse the horse’s respiratory system and skin.

The rest of the speakers will be announced soon!

Community weekend

'Breathe in, breathe out'

✅ 7 webinars from different experts

✅ All replays accessible for six months afterwards

✅ Conveniently bundled on one online platform

✅ Ask questions to global experts

✅ An online community with like-minded people

Experiences from last year

“Thank you so much Zefanja for organizing this! I thought it was so educational and I’m already looking forward to the next community weekend! I'm going to watch it all again in the coming weeks ☺️”

Marana Dam

Participant 2023

“WOW!!! I thought at first about some of these topics... Sometimes I don't need to know everything, there are other people who dive into that and whom I can ask for advice. But I am very glad that I have seen this, it was very expertly delivered and those 2 hours went by so quickly. I learned a lot and I was amazed!”

Jose Pouwer

Participant 2023

“We really thought it was a very interesting webinar - from start to finish! Definitely recommend it, we would like to watch the replay again because there was so much interesting information that we didn't get it all in our brain at once 😉”

Tanja Molenberghs

Participant 2023

“It was fantastic!!! I’m now experiencing some serous withdrawal and will have to stop myself from sitting behind my laptop on Zoom tomorrow at 10am ready to go, out of habit and wanting more 😀”

Sas Jo

Participant 2023

“A big thank you! I didn’t have the chance to view everything yet, but will definitely do so in the coming days! Already found what I did see so super interesting.”

Caroline Bruneel

Participant 2023

“It was a fantastic weekend Zefanja! Many thanks for organizing this and getting all these interesting speakers with their knowledge together! Very inspiring again.”

Renske Tiekstra

Participant 2023

“Thank you for the organization and the fantastic experts, learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed ❤️”

Lisette Laarman

Participant 2023

“Super, thank you so much! What an effort you made to set this up like this😅. Considering the steady number of participants, you should be super proud!”

Birgit Stins

Participant 2023

“Another great presentation and another good reminder that the first years of the horse’s life are also so important for the brain; for the rest of the horse's life.”

Hannah Otte

Participant 2023

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