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The horse in motion


Movement plays an essential role in a horse’s daily life. In the second part you will use the knowledge from the first part to learn to look at and assess the horse properly. What is it that makes a horse ‘well-built’, and what influence do certain deviations in the conformation have? By observing horses in movement, you will learn which abnormalities in movement there are and how to recognize them. Subjects such as lameness testing, abnormalities that can cause lameness and the horse’s ability to recover from injury are discussed. Zefanja takes you into the stories of horses that she has been allowed to encounter on the dissection table. You read the background stories of the horses and get a glimpse into their bodies through images from the dissections.

What are you going to learn?

In order to be able to recognize abnormalities in the horse’s body, it is important to observe many horses at a standstill and in motion. In this way you learn to see what is ‘normal’ and which things may be deviating. You start by assessing the conformation and function of the horse’s body. The different gaits, assessing the horse’s overall impression and conducting examinations are also discussed.

In the first part you looked at the different systems in the horse’s body. In this second part, attention is paid to abnormalities that may occur in the skeleton, muscles and tendons. Abnormalities of the growth plates and connective tissue, and the recovery capacity of these elements are also discussed.

The theoretical knowledge in this part is put into practice by means of a number of real cases. Using footage of horses that Zefanja has encountered in dissections, you will get a better picture of musculoskeletal disorders. A unique opportunity to see what injuries in the horse’s body really look like!


At the end of this second part you will be able to observe the movement of a horse and discover any deviations in it. You know which points you can pay attention to when you look at a horse’s conformation and function, and what makes a horse ‘correctly built’ or abnormally. You gain knowledge of a number of disorders that you may encounter in the musculoskeletal system and you know what these look like in the horse’s body.


  • Many hours of reading pleasure
  • Exclusive images
  • In-depth articles
  • Great pictures of dissections
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Certificate after completion
  • And so much more…

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The Horse Inside Out part 2

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