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Online dissection of a horse

Nerve wrecking or not?

A glimpse into the equine body!

Have you always dreamed to take a look inside the equine body? Then this is your chance! In this three-day course, you can see and experience what the body of a horse looks like underneath the skin. You will get a better understanding how the equine body is built and how it functions. Furthermore, you will discover what the consequences or the rest of the body are when one part cannot function optimally.


During a dissection, a horse is completely dissected to find out what the story of that horse is. Each horse is unique and has its own story. No matter how much research you do, sometimes it is simply not clear what is wrong with the horse. By dissecting, every part of the horse is examined and all the puzzle pieces fall into place. With this information, we can better understand various diseases and help horses with the same complaints.


This year in the dissection, we will pay extra attention to the horse’s nervous system and the effects this can have on its behavior!



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Attending a (online) dissection is a unique experience that gives you so much information about the equine body.

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Extra focus on the neurology

During this dissection, a horse will be examined with a diagnosed genetic disorder in the neck. In addition to the physical complaints, this horse also had a lot of  behavioral problems.


This is a more common problem in neurological disorders, and it is suspected that some devious behavior have a neurological basis.


This dissection will therefore focus on the relationship between neurological disorders and behavioral problems. During the dissection, several experts will share their knowledge about neurological disorders and behavior. Another interesting case!

Team of experts

During the dissection of the horse, a specialized team trained by Sharon May-Davis will take you on an investigation into the life of the horse, while keeping you up-to-date on the latest studies.

Each detail of the body reveals more about what his life was like, making you feel like you are in a real CSI series.


Day 1 - October 19

On the first day, we will focus on the digestive system, the head, and the first phase of the neck and shoulder.

Day 2 - October 20

On day two, we will focus on the effects of different bits on the movement of the hind leg, the foreleg, the neck, the region (including the Thorasic Sling) and parts of the hindquarters.

Day 3 - October 21

The last day will focus on the organs (such as the heart and lungs), the last parts of the neck, the back, and the entire hindquarters.

05 Close up Ischiatic nerve

The relationship between behavior and physical health

Behavior and physical problems in horses are still often seen as two separate issues. For years, we have been working to demonstrate a relationship between the two.


In this dissection, we will focus on physical problems from a neurological perspective. This is a relatively new area of research. It’s surprising when you consider that the entire system is controlled by impulses from the brain that are sent to the nerves and vice versa.


If we look at nerves that are not functioning properly, muscles are often the first place where you will see damage. Behavior and (sudden) changes in emotions can also be caused by the control of the nerves. This is behavior in horses that we humans sometimes find difficult to understand. It is for this reason that it is so important to look at this topic together with experts and learn more about it.

What do participants from last year say?

``I really enjoyed everything and absorbing the knowledge. It is indeed true that you are right on top of it online! I will look at some missing parts in the replay in the coming days, but expect the replays to be played many more times in the coming months. Thank you for your knowledge, passion, humor, respect and love for the profession ❤️``

Hanne Kuipers

``What an amazing professional dedicated team you have, that all showed there passion about specialized areas for the horse. Feel really privileged to have been able to watch. Was a joy to watch your interactions between yourselves as well as learning what Regalo had to show us.``

Lisa Jane

``What a marathon 🤩 those 3 days were simply mind-blowing! Massive thanks to the whole team for this huge amount of information and knowledge shared with us and for being so respectful to Regalo. I'll need many, many weeks to process 😅!``

Florence Laguarigue


Various experts will join the dissection to provide additional information from their field of expertise about what we will encounter during the dissection. This includes a veterinarian, behaviorist, neurology expert, and more. During the dissection, you can ask questions and really go in-depth with the experts.


Zefanja Vermeulen

Zefanja is the founder of Equinestudies, a knowledge institute that focuses on the theme ‘the horse from the inside’. Through her many dissections and the development of skeleton preparations, she has gathered unique knowledge and imagery of the horse’s body. She is known to a large audience as ‘The Dutch Bone Lady’. She will be there all days and will share knowledge based on her years of experience in performing dissections.


Dr. Steve Peters

Dr. Steve Peters is a neuroscientist specialized in the functioning of the horse brain. His passion is to gain and spread more knowledge about the effect of neurology on horse behavior. He is fully committed to a scientific approach that ultimately improves the horse’s well-being. He has given presentations on horse brains and performed horse brain dissections all over the world.

community weekend the horse inside out

Thirza Hendriks

Thirza Hendriks is the founder of Functional Horse Training, an internationally oriented company with the mission to optimize or restore the movement functionality of the horse. She is currently following the Master Equine & Veterinary Science. Thirza will be present for all three days and shares her knowledge gained from previous dissections and rehabilitation training with a specialty in neck problems.

imadia-1117 (2)

Annemarie van der Toorn

Annemarie van der Toorn is a household name when it comes to communication with, and solving challenging behavior in horses. In 2013, Annemarie started the knowledge institute in the Netherlands with the mission to share as much knowledge about horse behavior as possible. Annemarie also gives demonstrations all over the world and has written several books.

tamara Dorresteijn

Tamara Dorresteijn

As a biotechnician, Tamara has always been fascinated by how diseases develop and how to treat them, especially in the central nervous system. She completed the 3-year training to become a behavior therapist at 2Moons and has been trained at Equinestudies in the field of anatomy and biomechanics since 2016. Tamara is also a lecturer at the Brainwork Academy. Tamara will be present for all three days.

Emma and Lexi

Emma Loftus

Emma is a registered and qualified Craniosacral Therapist based in Australia. Around 2010, Emma started looking for a way to reduce the tension she saw in the racehorses. This is why she ended up learning more and more about craniosacral therapy. She now has a busy mobile equine and human practice. Emma is currently studying further in iridology and Horse Human Trauma Recovery.


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