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Community Weekend – The Young Horse Inside Out


The Horse Inside Out is hosting its Online Community Weekend on “The Young Horse,” on 24, 25 & 26 March. Over three days you’ll immerse yourself in this topic with online webinars by various experts.

You’ll have access to the e-course and replays of the webinars for six months after the end of the community weekend. The webinars will be given in English.


We have only 100 early bird tickets available. So, do you want to profit from our discount? Don’t wait too long!



Friday 24 March:

🎓 Tamara Dorresteijn – The young horse brain explained (7PM Dutch time)

Together with Tamara you’ll dive deeper into the horse’s brain. You will consider questions such as: which connections can a young horse make in their brain, or not? How important is exercise for the healthy development of the brain? It is important to delve into the development of the brain to shape the training of your young horse even more effectively and to understand how the development of the horse’s brain differs from that of a human.


Saturday 25 March:

🎓 Raquel Butler – The rehabilitation of a young horse (10AM Dutch Time)

Although it is something we’d never hope happens, but what if your young horse is injured? In this webinar we zoom in on rehabilitation after an injury. How do you rehabilitate a young horse that has suffered an unfortunate problem, taking into account aspects such as growth, growing pains and mental development?


🎓 Carolien Munsters – Workload and fitness of young horses (2PM Dutch Time)

Dr. Carolien Munsters is a scientist and puts her research into practice through her company Equine Integration. In addition, she is still involved as a researcher at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and she is the embedded scientist (NOC*NSF) for equestrian sports in the Dutch Olympic team. In this role, she conducts research into workload assessment and physical conditioning of (young) horses. In this webinar, Carolien will tell you more about the various studies and the knowledge she and other scientists have gained about workload assessment for young horses. What should you take into account when you start training a young horse?


🎓 Christina Fritz – What is the influence of nutrition on a young horse? (7PM Dutch time)

You can imagine that when a horse is growing, it is important that they receive all the building materials for optimal growth. How can you keep the young horse’s nutritional system in balance in order to optimize their development? We’ll also dive deeper into the effects of high physical demands at a young age, such as in racehorses. In that case, building blocks are sometimes used for other purposes than growth, what are the effects of this?


Sunday 26 March

🎓 Sharon May-Davis – Growth spurts, what do you need to know? (10AM Dutch Time)

In the field of physical development, we dive into the interesting theme of ‘growing’. When a young horse grows, they never grow evenly but in growth spurts. What does this mean for the muscles and their attachments to the bones?


🎓 Nina Lundgren – Teeth in motion (2PM Dutch Time)

The young horse’s teeth are still constantly in development and in motion. How can you take this into account in the training tack and materials you choose? In this webinar you will gain more awareness of the effects of tack on the young horse. You’ll dive deeper into changing teeth, nerve pain and the teeth that are still developing.


🎓 Bent Branderup – Training of a young horse (7Pm Dutch Time)

In Bent’s webinar you’ll dive into the training of a young horse. What can you pay attention to when you start their training and what things should you take into account? How can you structure your training in such a way that it is easier for the young horse to perform it physically and mentally? You will learn from Bent’s years of practical experience and knowledge from various European countries, a unique opportunity!