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Webinar Hip joint


On July 11, it is time for an in-depth webinar. This time you dive into the hip joint together with Zefanja Vermeulen. The hip joint is a joint that is not always easy to diagnose. We regularly encounter problems in dissections.

During the webinar we will first zoom in on what a good moving hip joint actually looks like. We will zoom in on the anatomy of this joint. Furthermore, we will look at a number of cases of damaged hip joints. We look at the movement and the ‘outside’ of the horse as well as images of the dissection. This can help you to recognize problems in the hip joint in horses.


This webinar will take place on 11-07-2023 at 20:30 – The replay will remain available for a month


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Zefanja Vermeulen founded Equinestudies in 2018, an educational institute where she provides various training courses and lectures both at home and abroad on the theme ‘the horse from the inside out’ (Equine Inside Out). Through conducting many dissections and developing many skeletal preparations, she has gathered a unique spectrum of knowledge and images about the horse’s body. The Horse Inside Out is the way to access this vast knowledge that Zefanja has gained over the decades.


Zefanja: “For me, training horses based on physical well-being has always been the common thread in my life. For this reason I have specialized more and more in the anatomy and biomechanics of horses. Telling their story is my greatest mission. ”