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The Horse Inside Out Part 1, 2 & 3


As horse enthusiasts, we all want our horses to feel as well as possible and to perform without restrictions. For that reason, sometimes we would just love to be able to see through the horse’s skin to really understand how the horse works from the inside. That is now possible! On the online platform of The Horse Inside Out you will learn everything about the functioning of the healthy horse and the abnormalities that can arise in the body. You are literally going on a journey of discovery inside the horse’s body, how cool is that!

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A journey inside the horse's body

In three parts you will go on a journey of discovery along every facet of the horse’s body. And the great thing is: you can do this from home, from the comfort of your own computer and at your own pace. Every month Zefanja Vermeulen, an expert in this field, will host live webinars on highlighted topics and there is room for in-depth questions.

Part 1 is all about the healthy horse. The different systems of the body and their mutual interactions will be mapped. This ranges from the skeleton to the nervous system and from the horse’s senses to the functioning of the organs. The natural behaviour and evolutionary development that the horse has gone through are also discussed.

Part 2 focuses on the horse in motion. Movement plays an essential role in a horse’s life. By learning to recognize how a healthy horse moves, you can learn recognize any abnormalities. You will learn more about the conformation and gaits of the horse and what the horse needs to be able to recover after injury. By means of case studies, the translation is made from theory to practical examples.

In part 3 you will take a closer look at abnormalities in the body that are not only caused by trauma, but also genetic or congenital abnormalities. You will look at the consequences of evolution and domestication for today’s modern horse. You will learn more about the influence of the different disciplines and the tack on the horse’s body. In addition, disorders of the internal systems such as the digestive tract and vascular system are discussed.


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