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The Horse Inside Out – Part 1


Part 1 of the programme is all about the healthy horse. The different systems of the body and their mutual interactions will be mapped. This ranges from the skeleton to the nervous system and from the horse’s senses to the functioning of the organs. The horse’s natural behaviour and evolutionary development that the horse has gone through are also discussed.

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Part 1

Evolution and domestication: two concepts that have played a crucial role in the creation of the horse as we know it today. You learn how the horse evolved, how it developed over the centuries and how it interacted with humans. These components give you more insight into the horse’s basic needs and functioning.

Then the different systems of the horse are discussed. You will learn more about the function and structure of, among other things, the skeleton, muscles and the digestive system. By means of amazing images from dissections you can take look inside the horse’s body and see what the organs look like in real life.

The musculature alone is incapable of moving the horse, and the digestive system does not provide fuel when it cannot interact with other systems in the body. All systems in the horse’s body are interconnected and help each other to function properly. You will learn more about the flight response, how nutrition is converted into movement and how horses sleep and rest.


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