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The Horse Inside Out part 1

The healthy horse


What wonderful animals horses are! It is fascinating to see how a horse lives and what it needs to survive. Part 1 focuses on the healthy horse. The different systems of the body and their mutual interactions are explored. The subject of natural behaviour is also discussed. Why does a horse react the way it does and which physical elements play a role in this? This knowledge is important to better understand any abnormalities in the horse’s body. The Horse Inside Out is an online learning programme in which text is alternated with unique and exclusive photo and video material from the dissections that Zefanja Vermeulen has conducted over the years. This way you literally get a look inside the horse!

What are you going to learn?

Evolution and domestication: two concepts that have played a crucial role in the creation of the horse as we know it today. You learn how the horse evolved, how it developed over the centuries and how it interacted with humans. These components give you more insight into the horse’s basic needs and functioning.

Then the different systems of the horse are discussed. You will learn more about the function and structure of, among other things, the skeleton, muscles and the digestive system. By means of amazing images from dissections you can take look inside the horse’s body and see what the organs look like in real life.


The musculature alone is incapable of moving the horse, and the digestive system does not provide fuel when it cannot interact with other systems in the body. All systems in the horse’s body are interconnected and help each other to function properly. You will learn more about the flight response, how nutrition is converted into movement and how horses sleep and rest.


After completing part 1, the concepts of evolution and domestication are familiar territory to you. You know what development the horse has gone through over the centuries and how the interaction with humans originated. You have basic knowledge of the different internal systems and know how they work together to allow the horse to function optimally. The unique visual material gives you a good idea of ​​everything that is under the horse’s skin.


  • Many hours of reading pleasure
  • 5 hours of exclusive video footage
  • 3,5 hours of podcasts with experts
  • In-depth articles
  • Great pictures of dissections
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Certificate after completion
  • And so much more….


Are you ready to take a look inside the horse’s body?

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The Horse Inside Out part 2

Part 2 focuses on the horse in motion. By looking at how a healthy horse moves, you can recognize any abnormalities.


The Horse Inside Out part 3

Abnormalities in the horse’s systems are discussed in part 3. You can learn more about the influence on the rest of the body.


Our advantages

✓ A look inside the horse’s body
✓ Own online learning environment
✓ Learn at your own pace
✓ A certificate after completion of each section


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