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The Horse Inside Out part 3

The horse in practice


In the first part you learned more about the evolutionary journey that the horse has gone through. In the third part, attention is paid to the physical consequences for today’s horse. You will also deepen your knowledge of the horse’s biomechanics. Because while some lamenesses arise from trauma, other movement disorders may arise from genetic or congenital abnormalities in the conformation, the influence of the tack or the impact of the different equestrian disciplines. In part 3 we will therefore take a closer look at abnormalities in the body that are not caused by trauma.

What are you going to learn?

In the modern horse, you occasionally see deviations that arose from evolution or that were caused by domestication. Just think of an extra toe or the consequences of inbreeding. In this section you will learn more about genetic or congenital abnormalities that are not caused by trauma.

In this section we take a closer look at the abnormalities that may occur in the internal systems. Topics that will be discussed include gastric ulcers, worm infections and, for example, COPD. This section shows you how these abnormalities arise and what consequences they may have for the horse.

Ailments often not only affect one particular system, but can affect the entire body. For example, COPD not only affects the respiratory system, but also affects the horse’s stamina. The different equestrian disciplines are also discussed in this section. Each equestrian discipline has its own specific stresses and loads on the horse’s body, with associated risk of injury. The influence of the tack is also discussed.


At the end of part 3 you will have knowledge of the physical consequences of evolution and domestication. Through unique images you have learned to recognize abnormalities, to assess their origin and how they can affect the rest of the body. You know the impact of the various disciplines and you know which ‘discipline-related’ injuries you may encounter in the horse.


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Part 2 focuses on the horse in motion. By looking at how a healthy horse moves, you can recognize any abnormalities.


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